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5 min readJul 23, 2021

What is Massa?

Massa is a truly decentralized blockchain controlled by thousands of people. Massa uses a multithreaded block graph allowing nodes to create blocks in parallel and process 10 000 transactions per second. With this parallel block structure, Massa is the first blockchain technology to solve the trilemma: it’s scaled, decentralized and secure at the same time.

Your can find more information on the Messa website (technology section) and in the Whitepaper

Node and client setup guide (using screen)

System requirements

100 GB SSD
Ubuntu 20.04
I rent here: Contabo, WebTropia, Hetzner (no referral link)

Step №1 Ordering VPS

  • If you rent on Webtropia, you will need to pass KYC. The code to check the password will be sent to your mail. Then you will need to provide the code in your customer pannel My Products > vServer Management
  • If you rent on Hetzner, KYC is required. No prepaiment, only signining the card. Password will be sent to you by mail.
  • In case of Contabo, KYC is not required. After ordering VPS and registartion, all mails with instraction and passwords will be sent to your e-mail

Step №2 Connecting to the VPS

I use MobaXtrem SSH client

  1. Create new session

2.Select SSH connection and click “OK”

2. Provide ip of your server and click “OK”

3. Type “root” and press Enter. Then paste password of you server by right-clicking (it will by hidden, you can’t see what you type)

Step №3 Required libraries installation

Paste commands below one by one by right-click and click Ener after each

# updating packagessudo apt updatesudo apt upgrade -y # type N and press Enter# installing screen sudo apt install screen # installing required librariessudo apt install pkg-config curl git build-essential libssl-dev# installing rustcurl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh -s -- -y# configurating PATHsource $HOME/.cargo/env#installig nightly rustup toolchain install nightly# set nightly as defaultrustup default nightly# clone repositorycd $HOMEgit clone                         

№3 Node setup

# go to the massa node directory cd massa/massa-node/# create screen session named "massa_node"screen -S massa_node# start the node RUST_BACKTRACE=full cargo run --release |& tee logs.txt# wait for such result: 
# detache from "massa_node" screen session Ctrl+A then D# to connect back to the masa_node screen type:screen -x massa_node

№4 Client setup

# go to the massa client directory cd $HOMEcd massa/massa-client/# create screen session named "massa_client"screen -S massa_client# start the client cargo run --release# wait for such result:
# stope the client. Just type "quit" and presss Enterquit

№5 Create wallet

# make sure your are in the massa_client screen. If no type:cd massa/massa-client/screen -x massa_client# create walletcargo run -- --wallet wallet.dat# wait for such result below:# just type "wallet_new_privkey" to generate wallet address and keyswallet_new_privkey 
# check wallet balance, public/private keys and address. Just type "wallet_info"wallet_info# save your wallet data 

№6 Request funds from Discord

  1. Go to Massa Discord channel
  2. Verify your account with phone number
  3. Go to #testnet-tekon-request
  4. Put your address (only your address, nothing else), and the bot will send you coins.

№7 Check your balance

# If you are not in the massa_client screen type:cd massa/massa-client/screen -x massa_client# run cargo run -- --wallet wallet.dat# Just type "wallet_info" wallet_info

№7 Staking

We got 10000 MAS tokens from the bot. Now we need to buy ROOL tokens
1 ROLL = 500 MAS
So we can buy 10 ROLL

# If you are not in the massa_client screen type:cd massa/massa-client/# runcargo run -- --wallet wallet.dat# buy ROLL  !!! replace *** by your wallet addressbuy_rolls **************************** 20 0# you should get such result:
# check your wallet balance. Just type wallet_info# you should have 20 ROLLs

Stake ROLLs

# type command "register_staking_keys your_private_key" and replace ypur_private_key by your Private key.register_staking_keys ********# After 10 minutes ckeck our balance it should have 20 active ROLLs

Check your staking here. Search by wallet address

That is all!
Check your node logs in the sceen sometimes
Use faucet in Discord 1 time per 24 hours and add it to your stake after buying ROLLs
For every produced block you node gets 1 ROL, it will be shown in final balance

Useful commands

# connect to masa_node screen 
screen -x masa_node
# connect to masa_node screen
screen -x masa_client
# use wallet (use in masa_client screen)
cargo run -- --wallet wallet.dat
# run client to interact with the network (use in masa_client screen)
cargo run --release
# restart the node
screen -x masa_node
Ctrl+C RUST_BACKTRACE=full cargo run --release |& tee logs.txt
# detach from the screen
Ctrl+A, D

Useful link

Massa website:
Check you stake:
Check your wallet:
Telegram English chat:
Telegram Russian chat:
TestNet Pride channel: