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1. What is happening in at the moment with SubQuery?

Sam: We’ve been extremly busy in the team. SubQuery had massive growth in the past couple of months. We’ve been working very hard to build our product and help customers.

Mainly we have been focusing on improving our managed services to support more and more customers.
New customers like affiliate wallets, bridges, NFT platforms like KodaDot and other ptojects are joining our existing customers like Acala, Biforts.
So we see a lot of interest from NFT platforms and chinese explorers who want to get fast acceess to data from Polkadot, Kusama or from their own parachain.
We are scaling our platform to support them all and be fast as possible for their applications.

We are expanding our community support as well. We have big focus on business development in China. We’ve just launched our ambassador program. Community is really important for us. With your help we want to grow and establish local ambassadors for community around the world.
We’ve reached a lot interest to our ambassador program with over than 250 applicants. We are going to rewiev each and choose successful applicants to ambassador launch call to explain how we see it.

Please, be pation. Keep in mind that it’s going to take some time go through that large number of applicants.
We also launched our whitepaper a couple weeks ago. This is a big effort to build a decentralized network. So we are currently hiring new facility rust full stack developers to help build decentralized software network.
So, please, apply now if you want to join our growing team. You can also find out more informatioon in our website.
James: The number of applicants of our ambassador program we got in the last few days is phenomenal. We’ve never expected that many. It shows how strong our community is. We’re really thankful and grateful about that and we’ll be getting in touch with each of you very soon.

2. How does SubQuery compare to The Graph?

Sam: Graph is a native Ethereum protocol. Ethereum is alive for many years. Graph has been working for more than 3 years.
SubQuery is a native Polkadot protocol.
It is unfair comparisons, because SubQuery is only 6 months old, but we are doing pretty good. If you look in our services right now, we have more than 40 SubQuery’s projects already deployed into our hosted services. It is generating about 4 to 5 million requests per day. Of cours, is not big ammount. But however, keep in mind that Polkadot is just beginning and has big potential to growth.
We belive that more and more parachains are going to be alive in future and we will generate more traffic. We trying to get as many strategic partnerships with different parachains as possible.

3. Will SubQuery be ERC20 first or launch straight to Polkadot?

Sam: SubQuery is a native Polkadot protocol, so we could eaily set up erc20 to tokenize in ethereum. However we’re gooing to have a two-step tokenizations. The first step is that we are going to work closely with one of the parachain team. At this stage we’re going to tokenize SubQuery in Acala ecosystem. When it’s done we are going to develop our own parachain and then move SubQuery token back to our own parachain.
First tokenizing in Acala is both well for Acala and SubQuery.
Basically the reason why we want to deploy our own parachain is because we want to provide much more features comperative with similar servicies providers.
James: It is also good to keep in touch with Acala team, because the Acala team is based in the same city as us, here in Auckland, New Zeland

4. Will SubQuery allow private investors or is it limited to institutional investors&?

Sam: All our earliers investors are inctitutional investors. We don’t want to simply ask money. It doesn’t really make sens to us. So what we want to do is to have the investor who can bring the real value to the project rather than just pay the check and leave.
Our earlier investors support us to grow either they bring connections to other projects. They’ve already gave us a lot of interest from another partners.

5. Is there a tokensale planned?

Sam: At this stage it’s likely that we are gooing to do a very small public sale. Just to make more tokens distributed. But we havn’t acctually confirmed when and how we gonna do it yet. We are still working on it. So we will probably make an announcement after a couple of months.

James: It is important to make a public sale but it is not a priority for us. Our project is focused on building a product and delivering that product and not on hyping a token.

6. Is there any info on tekonomics?

Sam: We don’t have any specific information on economics yet. We are still working on it. The way how we work on teckonomics is we working with existing investors and also some expertise. At this stage we collecting all the feedbacks from each partner in this industry.
Of course, we basically build our own tekonomics model then we send out it to the weather grup to get more feedbacks and ideas. Simply we can’t do it how we want. We need to do something that doesn’t make sens only for the team but also for everyone.

7. CEX (like Binance) or an IDO/launchpad?

Sam: At this stage we’ve got a lot of connections with well known launchpads and exchanges
But however we haven’t decided to make a final decision here, because it’s a bit far for us to make that decision.
Of course, we’re going to keep this kind of relationship with those platforms.
Once we have our clear tokenomics and enough community members, probably that’s the tme we are going to make a decision to work closely with launchpads or exchanges or probably to do a small public sale ourselves.
It really depends on how quickly we can make more awareness to the community. That is one of our task to get more community awareness.
James: We’re not going down to the route of doing a uniswap IDO and making hype. We are going to launch our token. It will be very respectable, reputable to get centralized exchange.

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