Why Axelar is so important?

What is Axelar?

  • Blochchain builders can plug-in their blockchain to all other blockchain ecosystems.
  • Dapps builders can host your application anywhere, lock, unlock, transfer assets, and communicate with applications on any other chain via Axelar API.
  • Users can interact with all applications across the ecosystem directly from their wallets.

There are 2 core Axelar’s protocols:

  • Cross-Chain Gateway Protocol (CGP). This protocol is analogous to Border Gateway Protocol on the Internet. This protocol is used to connect multiple autonomous blockchain ecosystems and is responsible for routing across them. Blockchains do not need to “speak any custom language”, their platform developers do not need to make any custom changes on their chains, and their chains can be plugged into the global network easily.
  • Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CTP). This protocol is analogous to application-level protocols File Transfer, Hypertext Transfer Protocols on the Internet. It is an application-level protocol stack that sits on top of routing protocols (such as CGP and other routing technologies). Application developers can connect their dapps on any chain to perform cross-chain requests. Users can use the CTP protocol to interact with applications on any chain using simple API calls analogous to HTTP GET/POST requests. Developers can lock, unlock, and transfer assets between any two addresses across any blockchain platforms, execute cross-chain application triggers

Investors and Backers

  • Private round:

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